Brewery Incubator Launches with Four Startup Companies

Rocky Mount Mills-based Program to Train, Mentor Young Co’s in Shared Brewhouse in Reinvented Mill Community

ROCKY MOUNT, N.C., November 14, 2017 – Rocky Mount Mills, a complete mixed-use development based in Rocky Mount, NC, has unveiled the inaugural class of a one-of-a-kind, intensive incubator program designed for brewers.

The Rocky Mount Mills Brewery Incubator, a three-year program, is designed to teach entrepreneurs to brew, learn and proof their concepts while at the same time, helping them to develop a business plan, recruit investment and eventually grow beyond the incubator space.

Based in a refurbished 6,000 square foot shipping warehouse on the nearly two-hundred-year-old campus, the Brewery Incubator offers participants their own 10 bbl brew system with fermentors in each space to produce up to 1000 bbl per year and a keg cooler to serve beer out of each space with eight taps. All incubator tenants have access to a keg washer, a 5-head canning line, dry and cold storage and a public beer garden to sell and serve their product.

All Incubator tenants have access to the Nash Community College Brewing, Distillation and Fermentation program, the classes are held on Nash’s primary campus as well as in their brewery lab at the Mills.  

The inaugural class includes groups with varying backgrounds and approaches to brewing. The brewers include Planetary Elixirs, HopFly Brewing Company, BDD Brewing Company and Bull Durham Beer Company (more on each below). These four breweries join the popular Koi Pond Brewing and Tarboro Brewing Company West already located on the Mills 150-acre campus.  

“Our inaugural class of brewers comes from all walks of life and bring with them different approaches, methods, and philosophies towards brewing,” says Sebastian Wolfrum, Executive Brewmaster, Rocky Mount Mills. “We see the spirit that built Rocky Mount Mills two hundred years ago, and that continues to make our community one of hard work and triumph in each of them. We’re looking forward to seeing and, more importantly, tasting what they have to offer.”

Brewery Incubator tenants will open for business this fall with beverages being served at the Mills and different points throughout their distribution chains.

“We found at Rocky Mount Mills a brand and a lifestyle that aligns perfectly with our commitment to creating a quality product that fuels adventure, collaboration and the good times we share with family and friends,” says Cam Schulz, founder, HopFly Brewing Company. “We’re eager to learn, grow our business and work with our fellow incubator tenants to create a destination based on the growing brewing industry in North Carolina.”

  • Planetary Elixirs – Bottling soon!
    • Founded by Scott Meyer, a brewing and winemaking veteran with a deep background in the culinary world; Scott seeks to introduce exotic beverages from different parts of the world to the American palate. His non-alcoholic line of Botanical Infusions will feature drinks like Jamaica Roselle based on the Christmas Sorrel Drink from Jamaica & Thai Tie; inspired by a panoply of iconic Thai flavors including Lime, Ginger, Basil, & Lemongrass. He will sell in 375mL and 1 Liter bottles from the Mill campus and other points throughout NC.


  • HopFly Brewing Company – Opening 11/18
    • A Triangle native, Cameron Schulz spent six years working in corporate merchandising in Columbus, Ohio before returning to his home state to found HopFly Brewing Company.  A serendipitous advertisement for the Brewery Incubator came at just the right time, leading Cameron to choose Rocky Mount as the hometown for his new business.  HopFly’s mission is to create “beer for every adventure,” with Cameron focused on brewing full-flavored yet sessionable styles that can be enjoyed both in his tasting room and on your next outdoor adventure!


  • BDD Brewing Company – Opening winter 2017
    • A hilarious late night of one too many for a close family member resulted in a family slogan of “Bucken Da Dicey” and the name of Chazz Oesch and cousin, Matt Nichols, home brewing operation. The 26- and 27-year-olds are hungry to make their name in the brewing scene in North Carolina.


  • Bull Durham Beer Company – Open now
    • The first brewery in a minor league stadium takes its namesake from the team it supports and likely the only minor league baseball team a majority of Americans can name. When production at the Durham Bulls Stadium at American Tobacco Campus couldn’t keep up with demand, Bull Durham Beer Company expanded to the Brewery Incubator to continue its success.

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