Small Batches, Big Ideas

The brewery incubator at Rocky Mount Mills is a unique start-up and growth accelerator in brewing that fosters innovation, collaboration, mentoring and success for your brewing venture. With several brewing companies co-located, peer-to-peer learning and working together becomes possible.

THE model

As craft beer evolves so does the incubator. Brewers can lease the equipment they need to meet the capacity they are producing as well as incrementally expand, tank by tank, to match their growth. All incubator tenants have access to cold and dry storage, a state of the art ABE canning line, 10-bbl ABS brewhouse, and a Premier Stainless keg washer amongst other amenities.

brew here

Breweries looking to start up or expand their capacity will find a home at Rocky Mount Mills. The brewery incubator offers business owners all the equipment they need to grow and expand in any capacity they see fit.


Reach out to our Incubator Manager, Austin Meyrick, with any questions regarding production in the Incubator at Rocky Mount Mills. (940) 595-5596