Parking, Directions & Security


1151 Falls Road
Rocky Mount, NC 27804


Rocky Mount Mills has two parking options for your convenience. The main option is a flat paved lot located at the corner of E. Elm St. and Falls Rd., behind Koi Pond Brewing Company and TBC West: Tacos & Taproom. The second lot, for overflow parking, is located across the street from Rocky Mount Mills in the grass field at the corner of River Dr. and Falls Rd.

For questions concerning parking, contact:

Campus Security Policy

Rocky Mount Mills is a business and entertainment center. As such, we do not allow activities not usually associated with the safe and orderly operations of workplaces and entertainment. Political protests and demonstrations of any kind are not appropriate to the campus environment and as such are not allowed.

However, Rocky Mount Mills has welcomed ‘cause’ oriented events, primarily respectful fun runs and walks, so long as the event:

  • is not disruptive to regular operations
  • does not denigrate other people, groups or points of view
  • is organized in accordance with Rocky Mount Mills guidelines (which we will provide)